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The Meat Men

The Meat Men is the brainchild of David Radke, Jeremy Talabac and Sam Lang, three guys from Tallahassee Fl. hellbent on animation domination. These FSU alums have created a smart, sarcastic, irreverent look at the lives of four  local butchers, primed and ready for Adult Swim. They, along with their social media specialist Brandon Oliver, (Brandon, unfortunately, could not attend the interview) form Secretmagazines Productions, a  production company aimed at graphic novels, TV shows and movies.

This interview is a transcription of a video response to my questions. More information about the Meat Men and their creators is available here.

And now, without further ado:

7 Questions with the Meat Men – David J. Radke, Samuel Lang, and  Jeremy Talabac

1.What are your favorite and least favorite words?
(David) My favorite word is Chewbacca.
(Jeremy) –wookie noise-
(David) Do you want my least favorite right now?
(Sam) Yeah, do it, go for it.
(David) Least favorite? Uuhm…. Synergy, cause I think it’s such a hoax. It’s not real! What does it mean?!?
(Sam) My favorite word is ‘uenis’…. And my least favorite word is… froo froo cause I lost a spelling bee because froo froo is not a real word, it’s a colloquialism or whatever the word for it is. But I lost that spelling bee.
(Jeremy) Favorite word? Shots.
(David) Nice!
(Jeremy) Definitely my favorite word. Least favorite word? (Canadian Hockey). And bacon’s on my favorite too.
(Sam) Oh yeah!

2.What turns you on creatively, spiritually, and emotionally?
(David) Burt Reynolds
(Sam) Burt Reynolds
(Jeremy) Burt Reynolds… and bacon.
(Sam) and Burt Reynolds
(David) Across the board, Burt Reynolds
(Jeremy) and Kurt Russell!
(David) That mustache just gets me rollin’.
(Sam) and Kurt Reynolds.
(all) -laughter-
(David) Kurt Reynolds?
(Sam) Kurt Russell!

3.What turns you off, creatively, spiritually, and emotionally?
(Jeremy) Waking up to a coyote ugly situation.
(Sam) Bananas.
(David) Guys named ‘Chris’.
(all) –laughter-

4.What gets you up in the morning?
(David) Coffee.
(Sam) Babies.
(all) –laughter-
(David) Makin’ babies!
(Sam) Making babies?
(David) Practicing making babies!
(Jeremy) Morning wood.
(David) Did you say ‘Mexican’ babies?
(Jeremy) Morning wood! And the sun! I don’t do alarm clocks…
(Sam) He’s bein’ truthful!

5.What advice would you give to your teenage self?
(David) Lotto numbers.
(Jeremy) World series…
(Sam) Stop wearing girl’s jeans.
(all) –laughter-
(David) Get a haircut, kid.
(Jeremy) You have no fashion, by the way.
(David) Nobody likes your jokes.
(Jeremy) And you may not want to go out with that one girl.
(David) We won’t say which one…. So basically you turn yourself gay. 
(Sam) Oh no!
(David) It’s scary!
(Jeremy) Well I would name a specific, but I won’t for the purpose of this interview.
(David) Oh, I see what you’re saying…
(Jeremy) Yes.
(David) So to yourself you’d give a name.
(Jeremy) Yes.
(David) But what if by going out with her you averted like a huge, like ‘John McClane’ happening?
(Jeremy) Well I can’t, well I don’t want to tell you the other, part of that sequence… let’s just move onto the next question!
(Sam) I would tell myself ‘Go to college, meet a guy on Craigslist, and make a TV show about dudes that wear meat coats’.
(Jeremy) Yes. Swag.

6.What is the best thing you ever ate?
(Jeremy) We’re making this the best meal before getting fired. Last meal.
(David) We’re going to be like politicians here: We’re gonna change it into the question we want to answer.
(Jeremy) Yeah, cause I can’t just have one thing on the favorite meal list.
(David) This is now: “You’re on Death Row. What do you want as your last meal?”
(Sam) That’s high pressure.
(David) I’m talkin’ Fruity Pebbles, maybe a banana, and a side of Colt 45, Billy Dee Williams Style.
(Sam) I want somethin’ with anchovies, possibly a Caesar salad. That’s like the best way that they’re prepared. And I want Paula Deen to cook something!
(David) ooh!
(Sam) Cause I’m gonna die anyways.
(David) I heard she’s the bomb in the sack, too, you know what I’m saying. Anybody? You know what I mean? Some sweet southern goodness?
(Sam) My friend was friends with her on facebook and got banned from her page.
(Jeremy) That’s wonderful.  Well I need bacon mac and cheese, and a filet mignon, along with a slew of craft beers and preferably (a fine cigar), if that’s possible.
(Sam) See… I’m gonna jump on his final meal!
(David) They usually give you that in, you know, Leavenworth Federal Correctional Facility. You want (fine cigars)?
(Sam) You want fine craft beers, yes sir!, we will go get those for you. The distributors come through every day, dropping off bottles.
(David) You know, if you’re living in the prison system, what if you’re like, “I just want really good toilet wine?” Like, “I’ve been living off it for years, let’s just do this. Seriously, peanut butter and jelly, a couple slices of cheese…”
(Sam) Insert question to interview: “Would you try toilet wine? Answer: Yes!”
(Jeremy) No.
(David) Hell yes!
(Jeremy) No.
(David) “Would you make it yourself in your own house, even though you don’t have to? …Already did… Drinking it now… we call it ‘Radke-brau!’ .“
(Jeremy) Porcelain stew!

7.Assuming Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
(David) Basically just maniacal laughter.
(Sam) McLovin?
(Jeremy) High five, bro. But, I wouldn’t want to hear, “Wait… how?”
(David) How about, “Cool story, bro.”
(Jeremy) Wanna beer?
(David) Yeah, “Beer’s in the cooler, bro! You guys 21?”
(Sam) I want God to be like George W. Bush, you don’t like his authoritarian type of (stuff), but he would be cool to chill with. You know what I mean? You could have a beer with him on the side. He shouldn’t be, like, in charge of everything, but he’d be cool… I guess that’s a fantasy though.
(David) I think God should be like Morgan Freeman. Just like that really smart guy that you’re like, “wow! This guy knows stuff…”
(Sam) That’s why Morgan Freeman got to play God in ‘Bruce Almighty’. He did!”
(Jeremy) I think an eternity’s worth of watching through the wormhole is close enough to God anyway, Morgan Freeman reference…

(David) So, closing remarks? Guys?
(Jeremy) Meat.
(Sam) Meat Men.
(David) Bacon… bacon…
(Sam) Meet the men that make Meat Men…
(Jeremy) Eat bacon, die free.
(David) Donate… ok, seriously, all jokes aside, you know, please look us up on ‘’, search for ‘Meat Men – The Animated Series.’ (or just click the link) Anything you can do to help us out is greatly appreciated.
(Jeremy) We like to eat too…
(Sam) We won’t spend it on beer.
(David) Some of us have families.
(Sam) We won’t spend it on beer.
(Jeremy) Wink wink.
(David) Not all of it.
(Sam) Thanks.
(David) Thanks.
(Jeremy) Thanks. Thank you all for watching (reading)!

That was awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do this guys, and thank you for reading! Again, if you want to know more about the guys, Meat Men the series or if you just want to skip "Go" and donate:

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