Friday, December 7, 2012

Courage My Love

Courage My Love is a pop-punk rock trio consisting of 18 year-old twin sisters Mercedes Arn-Horn (guitar/vocals) & Phoenix Arn-Horn (drums/vocals) and David Blake-Dickson (bass/vocals).
Alternative Press Magazine named Courage My Love one of “100 Bands You Need To Know in 2012″. Courage My Love reached the #3 position on’s July 7 2012 ‘Next Big Sound’ chart. Fueled by a passion for pop, punk, metal, social justice and rebellion, the band has quickly made a name for itself touring non-stop throughout Canada, collecting new fans at every stop.
Their music videos for Bridges, Barricade and Anchors Make Good Shoes (if you have issues) added into heavy rotation at MuchMusic and at MusiquePlus in Canada. They released their debut EP ‘For Now’ on Homeskool Prom Records/Warner Music Canada. Also, an acoustic version of this EP ‘For Now (acoustic sessions)’ was released on a limited run in Canada this summer.
An expanded version of ‘For Now’ was released in Japan in July 2012 on

(This bio was taken almost verbatim from their website.)

And now... courage.

7 Questions with Courage My Love:

1. Star Wars or Star Trek?

 Star wars!!! All the way!

2. What are your favorite and your least favorite sounds?

I love the gritty sound an amp head makes as it warms up and the guitar tone fades in. It just makes me grin! And I hate the sound of children crying.

3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually, emotionally? (Answer all or only the ones you choose.)

Long car rides, zombie movies, rainy days, you name it! Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!

4. What decision in your career are you most grateful for?

Phoenix and I have been in many bands together, often at the same time, and it has been hard to balance out all of the projects at once without picking favourites. At one point there was pressure to quit out of courage my love to be in another band. Phoenix and I both decided to keep cml going and to not fall victim to the pressuring of our former band mates! It's a decision I will never regret and am very thankful for!

5. What is the closest you have ever come to giving up your craft?

At one point (before david joined the band) it was getting hard to find a suitable bass player, and we were getting really fed up with the constant member changes. But we've never really come close to breaking up or giving up our craft. Music is always something we've wanted to do and it's not something one can easily give up, because it's all around us. Without music, life would be unbearably dull!

6. What is the most fun you have ever had?

It's a close run between 1) my first time ever crowdsurfing 2) my first time in a haunted house and 3) the summers I used to spend in cape breton, nova scotia.

7. Assuming heaven exists, what would you like to hear God (or Allah or Yahweh or Odin. Generally the Supreme Being of your choice.) say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

"Everything, everything will be just fine. Everything, everything will be alright, alright." -jimmy eat world

So THAT's what it's like to be a pop star. Want to talk to Courage My Love? Go here:

Thanks to Courage My Love for graciously answering my questions and thanks to you for reading!
Until next time!

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