Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson (aka RachelintheOC) is the author of A Walk In The Snark, the #1 bestselling humorous and, at times poignant, eBook collection of essays (Amazon, $2.99). She's also the cofounder of the Indie Book Collective along with Carolyn McCray and Amber Scott, with whom she cowrote Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-Publishing Success (Amazon, $2.99).

So, what were we talking about?

7 Questions with Rachel Thompson

             1. What are your favorite and your least favorite sounds?

favorite: great music & kids giggling is a toss-up. least favorite: static. can't stand it.  

2. What turns you on creatively, spiritually, emotionally? (Answer all
or only the ones you choose.)

creatively: music. I'm very sound oriented and when I really need to get into a certain mood or zone, I go to my music. emotionally, same answer. I think emotions are so intrinsically tied into creativity that music is a critical bridge between the two. Spiritually, I don't adhere to anything set, though I was raised in a Jewish home and I do believe in a God. I just don't feel it plays a part in my every day life.  

3. What decision in your career are you most grateful for?
The day I quit my 15-year career selling my soul for pharmaceuticals. There was nothing about that job that I loved--or even liked. I do believe everything happens for a reason however, and the lessons I learned about selling and marketing help me now as an indie author. So from a karma perspective, it's all good.

4. What decision in your career do you most regret?
I don't believe in regrets. Waste of time. I do wish I'd have focused more on my writing though. But, would I be where I am now if I had? Who's to say?  

5. Do you ever hate what you've created?
I tell my children never to use the world hate. I've had experiences in my life where I'm allowed to use that word, but they haven't -- not yet. As for my work, no. I'm a huge fan of rewrites, edits, cuts. And of having other people I trust (my writing group, my editors) take a look and help me change things with an objective eye. Writing is a solitary job but my ego is not that big to think I'm so great that I don't need help. I do. 

That said, I have plenty of reviewers who hate what I write!  

6. What is the best thing you ever ate?

Toss up: Vegetable duck pie at Shun Lee West in NYC or Espresso & sugar soaked donuts in Chicago. Amazing. 

7. Assuming heaven exists, what would you like to hear God (or Allah
or Yahweh or Odin. Generally the Supreme Being of your choice.) say
when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Feel free to eat as much as you'd like and not gain weight. You don't have to cook or clean up. And all your loved ones are waiting for you in the back. 
Thanks Rachel! This was far too long a time in coming and I really appreciate you taking the time to do it! You can find Rachel on Twitter, Facebook, or on her popular blog

Thanks for reading and I'll see ya later!

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